ProvaDent Ingredients

Organic Xylitol - ProvaDent Ingredient
Organic Xylitol

Renowned for its presence in popular dental chewing gums, xylitol serves as a natural sweetener with proven benefits. Studies indicate that it not only offers a delightful taste but also rebalances the oral microbiome, reducing acidity that contributes to tooth decay and unpleasant breath.

Cranberry Extract - ProvaDent Ingredient
Cranberry Extract

Infused with the essence of organic cranberries, this extract harnesses the potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of polyphenols. By targeting inflammation, it enhances oral health and mitigates the onset of gum disease.

Purple Carrot Powder - ProvaDent Ingredient
Purple Carrot Powder

Packed with polyphenol antioxidants, purple carrots play a vital role in enhancing vascular health and eliminating metabolic waste from oral tissues. Experience improved bacterial balance, fresher breath, and fortified protection for your teeth and gums.

BioFresh Clean Complex ProvaDent Ingredient
BioFresh Clean Complex

A cutting-edge blend of natural extracts, this proprietary complex is designed to create a pristine oral environment. Shielding teeth and gums from disease and bacterial imbalances, it combats tooth decay and gum problems effectively.

Strains of Probiotics- ProvaDent Ingredient
Strains of Probiotics

Each ProvaDent tablet boasts a unique combination of four probiotic strains, amplifying the natural bacteria in your mouth. By reducing acidity and refreshing breath, these probiotics synergize with other natural ingredients to foster oral wellness and restore bacterial equilibrium.

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